Series YS YU YC YY fractional horsepower motor
YL:two-value capactitor motor
Single-three-phase torque asynchronous motor
JW/JX/JY/JZ series motors
Motors used exclusively in cycloidal pin-gear speed reducer
The micro series of cyclodidal pin-gear speed reducer
YSB Micro explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors
Y series three-phase asynchronous motors
ADF series three-phase low-noise motors specially used for fans
YEJ series electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motors iis7վ֮
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       The Factory is a specialized one in production of driving micromotor and cycloiedal pin-gear speed reducer of mini type.The products manufactured by hte factory are motor with speed reducer explosion proof motor,force momentum motor low noise motor new series of small power under ministrial standard derivative motor etc.totalled more than 180 specifications and assortments,including motors with mono phase tri-phase and two,four,six eight poles(15-15W).
       Through many years` arduous exploration,the factory insists policy of " existing from quality and developing with assorts " ,undertaling technological co-operaiton with universities and colleges,and developing new products surgently needed by marker actively, The products not only meet the special demand of all fields but also help enterprise develop and enlarge in the bitter competition continuoustly,YSB5004 explosion proof motor if minitype was appreciated new product of state grade in 1991.

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